We are a consulting company in the domain of radiation detection in waste. We are specialized in the procedures for radiation detection gates at waste to energy plants or incineration plants, waste management plants, landfills, waste sorting sites and so on. It concerns all types of waste like household waste, medical waste, industrial and commercial waste, mixed waste, mono-waste types, dangerous or not.

Is a detection gate for radioactive sources in waste something for us, you ask yourself?

Even if you are not obliged by law to install a gate, like this is the case in some European countries, it might be a good idea to install one. We all know something about radiation, but often we see it in the context of Chernobyl, the Hiroshima bomb and recently the incident at the nuclear plants in Fukushima Japan. So as waste management plant owners we think we are safe. Unfortunately some waste managements plants have been the victim of a radioactive contamination from unwanted sources in the normal waste circuit. Bringing the personnel in danger and having to dismantle and decontaminate the installation at a very big cost. Because radiation is so easily measured, investing in a radiation detection measuring gate is a good idea.

Where do you start once you decided to invest in a radiation detection gate?

For most people this is something completely new and you don’t learn this just on your own. You don’t know where to begin and instead of starting from scratch on your own, we can help you with the implementation of a full working system.

We offer help in every step in the introduction of a radiation detection gate. From advice on the investment itself, to writing useful procedures, setting up communication plans  and educate and train employees.

All procedures comply with European safety guidelines and are all based on years of experience in the field.


We can help with advice for the investment. We can do this for the radiation detection gate, the handheld meters, the dosimetry  meters if wanted and for the necessary temporary storage facility. If needed we also give advice on the personal safety items you need to provide your intervention staff.

We don’t sell any equipment or measuring systems. We are independent and give brand independent advice on what to look for in a good system or in good measuring handheld meters. If you already have an idea of deferent vendors and just want some advice in the final step, we can help you in making the best case decision.

Implementing procedures

We can help write procedures, educate your personnel on safety and use of the procedures and this all based on years of experience in the field. All procedures comply with European safety guidelines.

The procedures handle the detection at the gate, the intervention at the truck, the isolation of a found source, the temporary storage at the installation.

In the procedures we help whit setting the right action alarm levels and the safety alarm levels. We can help you with a picture library of possible sources and help establish a good nuclide library with common sources for the handheld meter. We can give advice in the safe use of temporary storage on your location.
We can give you a functional detection report template and a detection registry template so you can log all alarms and found sources with all the relevant items and measurements.
We also make posters with pictograms as quick guidelines. This way it is easy to understand what to do even if you don’t have a technical background.

Communication plans

Because radiation is something the population thinks of as a very dangerous thing, people can react strangely when they hear something about a found source at your installation. Therefore it can be a good idea to have a communication plan or even a crises communication plan for when you have an incident. We can offer you help for bought.

Education and training

We can provide full, but easy to understand, education for:

-          management level, because they have the responsibility for the safety of their staff and installation,

-          interventional staff, because they need to know the procedures and evaluate the alarms correctly so they can work safely,

-          all other non involved staff, because they can be afraid and have also questions due to inexperience,

-          and even for external stakeholders like truck drivers, neighbors and action groups.

Some common topics are:

-          Practical training on how to use the procedures

-          Education on what is ionizing radiation / radioactivity / orphan sources / naturel occurring radioactive materials (Norm)

-          Radiation protection education and training

-          Practical training on how to do a safe and correct intervention

-          How to measure radiation correctly and evaluate the numbers

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